"This leaves men confused and unable to pigeonhole you. What they are forced to do instead is… take you seriously."

Reblog every time.

i will ALWAYS reblog this. I feel powerful just reading this photoset lol 

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i think im the most indecisive person but idk maybe not

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Dosshaus: Just Used Cardboard To Create These Magical, Dream-Like Scenes

Artist on Tumblr | on deviantART | Facebook

House of cardboard”, “The Music Room”, "The Writer’s Room"

  • Cardboard, paint and glue, 2014

Artists Zoey Taylor and David Connelly have created the artistic duo Dosshaus. They don’t just create photos, but entire worlds made of cardboard. It’s mesmerizing. 
Connelly and Taylor create large scenes in which they interact with their cardboard creations.
But when you look closer, you’ll see that their creations are most impressive for their details.
The scene “The Writer’s Room” is incredible in the atmosphere it creates.
But when you look at the little items in the scene, you see the work that was involved in each object.
Sometimes their scenes show everyday moments in new and mesmerizing proportions.
It’s amazing that something so realistic can also be so surreal.

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Happy 33rd Birthday Beyonce Giselle Carter Knowles!

"B is wise beyond her years. She has taught me the value of speaking your mind. She is clear and honest and true to herself while being respectful. She will be an incredible mother because she is so full of love and she knows who she is." Gwyneth Paltrow about Beyonce

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BAND CHALLENGE: [3/10] bands

↳ Bastille

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